Lao Jungle Honey

Lao Jungle Honey and Gerry Veley, Beekeeping Consulting

lao jungle honeyIn 2009 Gerry Veley was contracted by CARE-Laos, Ponsaly Food Security Project, with funding from the European Union, to provide technical input to a food security project in the Khamu villages of Senlath, Kungkhuey and Onmok, a remote, mountainous areas of Pongsali province.

During this period, the consultant overviewed the existing CARE program to assist beekeeping, surveyed other assistance programs in the region, assessed the strengths and weaknesses of farmer practices, identified good opportunities for improving these practices and engaged in marketing, sales and capacity building. The consultant also provided basic training to project staff, district extension officers, and village-based peer trainers, allowing them to initiate short-term improvements within the first season and this consultant then followed up with an analysis of the implementation.

To take advantage of the many opportunities for improving the quality of the honey, and to allow villagers to maximize their returns, on-going support in technical, material and marketing support was provided. The consultant also introduced project members to other beekeeping improvement programs in the region, helped them to network with important sources of future information, materials and marketing opportunities.

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